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An exciting new opportunity is opening up on the horizon of tree planting and ecological restoration in general. The powerful effects that vegetation has on water and energy cycles, and therefore on climate itself, can form a synergy with greening, reforestation, and the functional restoration of biodiversity, ultimately leading to the rescue of a friendly and bountiful environment.

Forest canopy rain


Taking into account the vast expanses of degraded and arid lands worldwide, and inspired by the major climate-regulating role played by pristine forests, we envisage that intelligent syntropic restoration based on the biotic pump will become a powerful ally in the fight to mitigate climate change.


This new understanding of vegetation’s role in the Earth´s climate, together with sound ecological knowledge and technological solutions to accelerate its re-establishment, will enable rich ecosystems to be restored on degraded lands and in extreme environments all over the globe.

Folhas tropicais


Protect pristine forests at all costs

Cultivate water by restoring forests


To investigate complex natural environmental systems, their functional mechanisms, and the environmental services they provide. To apply the knowledge acquired in the search to solve the pressing environmental problems faced by humanity.

Folhas tropicais

the research

Above and Beyond

Our group is available to offer top-quality actionable knowledge to parties interested in the multi-scale restoration of land ecosystems. The re-establishment of natural ecosystems will result in the recovery of hitherto lost environmental services so essential for human survival and wellbeing. Greening and reforestation projects can benefit from the group’s knowledge and products offering consulting, evaluations, and analytical reports.

Pingos de chuva na folha



  • Climate and Hydrological Characterizations

  • Environmental Physics Characterizations

  • Ecophysiological Characterizations

  • Biotic Pump based analysis and prognostics

  • Greenness scenarios using Earth System Model simulations

  • Regional Maps of Climate Greenness-potential

  • Local Maps of Hydro-edaphic Greenness-potential

  • Syntropic Restoration Schemes

  • Water Sensitive Landscape Design

  • Landscaping for infiltration plans

  • Landscape and ecological management plans

  • Transformative Landuse Adaptation plans

  • Multifunctional Vegetation Systems

  • Climate-aware Reforestation Layout Strategies

  • Design of Biotic Pump inspired reforestation programs

  • Advice to the public and other parties on climate regulating forests

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