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Biotic Pump

Greening Group

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This website content was developed by the members of the Biotic Pump Greening Group, lead by Antonio Donato Nobre. The website itself was created by Carolina Schaffer, thanks to funds provided by the Ben-Te-Vi Foundation, managed by the CGPDI under the grant for the WindRose project. Special thanks to Zaba Moreau and Marussia Whately for their friendly support. We appreciated complementary support provided by the Global Canopy and Hylton Murray-Philipson. Special thanks to Margi Moss for stellar language revision. Initial development was done by Maria Zulmira and Guilhermo Gil. Photo credits: Antonio D. Nobre, Freepik, Wigold B. Schäffer, and Wix Collection. Video credits: Wigold B. Schäffer and Wix Collection.

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